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We are one of the leading Refrigerator service centers in Coimbatore. We guarantee quick repairs and effective diagnosis of all issues. If your fridge does not work properly, simply give us a call and allow our trained technicians to repair your appliance.

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Refrigerator Service Center in Coimbatore

If you live in Coimbatore or surrounding areas and seeking an honest & reliable fridge repair company look no further than VijayaCooler. We are the #1 choice to hundreds of Coimbatore residents when it comes to seeking exceptional service. Our technicians are ready to take care of all your refrigerator needs. We have over a decade of experience in refrigerator repair & service which has led us to earning a reputation for being detailed, honest, and reliable to customers in and around Coimbatore. Call us today if you are facing any of the following issues.

  • Strange Noise

    A noisy refrigerator can certainly be annoying. We can fix any strange noises.

  • Not Getting Cold

    If the fridge is not cooling properly it may be due to several different causes.

  • Broken

    If the door seal or door gasket is broken, it needs to be fixed immediately.

  • Food Is Freezing

    When food is getting frozen, thermostat or temperature control board must be faulty.

  • Leaking water

    We should check the water filter head, housing, inlet valve, tank assembly, drain pan etc..

  • Ice maker not working

    What causes an ice maker to stop working? We will check and fix it.

  • Runs constantly

    There are many reasons for a fridge to run constantly which needs immediate attention.

  • Defrost not working

    If the board has issues or fails altogether, the fridge will not go into a defrost cycle.